At The Rubens, we pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate our guests’ needs and desires, acting in accordance with the Red Carnation Hotel Collection ethos that 'no request is too large, no detail too small'. Our next step in this charge is our offering of Wild Idol, a naturally alcohol-free, vegan, and gluten free sparkling rosé that can be enjoyed across our hotel's bars and as part of our Royal Afternoon Tea experience.

Photo of a glass of Wild Idol with the bottle in ice

Wild Idol is hand crafted by expert winemakers in the notable winemaking region of south west Germany and seeks to ensure “celebration without compromise”. It is created using a blend of the esteemed grape varieties of the Regent grape and the Muller-Thurgau, and the result is full-bodied and refreshing with delicate bubbles that mimic both the experience and taste of Champagne.

The use of Regent and Muller-Thurgau grapes also makes Wild Idol naturally alcohol-free, devoid of the alcohol extraction processes commonly used in other non-alcoholic wines. This makes it the perfect alcohol-free drink for us to offer guests that prefer a cleaner, more natural diet as well as those seeking a vegan, gluten-free, or halal alternative to traditional Champagne to complete our vegan, gluten-free, or halal afternoon tea experiences.

Photo of two glasses of Wild Idol.

Our offering of Wild Idol also helps to support our endeavours at The Rubens to protect the environment in which we both live and operate, an initiative that we know so many of our guests share. We have already built one of the largest living walls in London, have partnered with Winnow Solutions to reduce food waste, and through Red Carnation Hotels' partnership with Businesswide Solutions, have pledged to use only 100% renewable energy in our hotel. This value of sustainability is shared by Wild Idol who are a 1% For the Planet member, meaning they donate 1% of their annual sales towards environmental causes. They also seek to use more sustainable materials in their production process, including recyclable corks and soy ink on their printing labels. Wild Idol is therefore not only a delicious alternative for Champagne or sparkling wine, but a product that supports our efforts at The Rubens to look after both people and planet.

Photo of Wild Idol being poured with the Jubilee Afternoon Tea at The Rubens

We are hugely excited to offer Wild Idol to our guests at The Rubens, and we are sure that you will love it as much as we do, particularly when enjoyed alongside our vegan, gluten-free, or halal Royal Afternoon Tea or in a mocktail at one of our renowned bars.