What first drew you to The English Grill?

Alongside The Rubens’ reputation for exceptional dining, I found the vision of showcasing British food with a dining experience that will take you on a memorable journey, both in presentation and through the nostalgia of childhood home comforts, particularly exciting.

What was your aim or vision when creating this menu for The English Grill?

When creating this menu, I sought to showcase classic British dishes with a modern twist. By adding the theatrical elements for which our restaurant is renowned, we have been able to reflect the innovative and exciting character of the restaurant.

Alongside its exceptional cuisine, what sets The English Grill apart from other fine-dining restaurants in London?

The theatrical element of the menu is really astounding, and our execution of it distinguishes us from other restaurants that also feature these classic dishes complete with tableside serving, such as the Steak Diane or Crepes Suzettes.

Whilst these are timeless classics, the exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm of our Front of House team means that each customer receives not only a dish to savour and indulge in, but a personal explanation of the process and delicacy of their curation. Through their dedication to our guests’ experiences, each of our Front of House team brings a personal touch to the art of service in British cuisine.

How does the produce that you use play a role in your vision at The English Grill?

Our produce is vital to our vision at The English Grill. Throughout our process, we consistently seek to showcase the very best ingredients offered across the seasons. By choosing our produce seasonally, and creating a menu to honour that, we are able to use the very best ingredients when they are at their prime. This also helps us to continue to protect and uphold the sustainable initiatives that sit at the heart of our operations both at The Rubens and at the Red Carnation Hotel Collection more broadly.

Do you have a favourite dish on the menu at the moment, and if so, what makes it so special?

For me, the Orkney King Scallops, accompanied by English Chorizo and Apple Wood Smoked Hollandaise, is the crown on The English Grill’s menu.

When creating this dish, I wanted to offer a British twist on the classic French dish, Coquilles ST. Jacques, that proves just how versatile and exciting British flavours can be. To further ensure the best flavour possible, we source our scallops from Orkney – the best on the market. We then create a hollandaise smoked cheese sauce to bake the scallops in within the shell, allowing the flavours to absorb and blend. The English Chorizo adds another dimension to the dish, complemented by the julienne of apple on top.

When combined, this fusion of classical French cooking with delectable British flavours, executed with the finest of techniques, creates a dish that is not only perfectly balanced, but one that showcases the beauty of our ingredients at The English Grill.

How would you describe The English Grill in five words?

The best of British ingredients.  

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to highlight about The English Grill and/or its menu?

We are working on a lot of new ideas at the moment, from new flavours to new presentations, which combine to offer a truly exciting future for The English Grill. At the heart, we want to do what we do best: creating exceptional food that takes our guests on a truly memorable experience.