Red Carnation Hotels are proud to partner with Floris, a British bespoke perfumery, that is fully committed to social and environmental responsibility. We will begin using Floris' toiletries in our UK properties.

Based in the elegant quarter of St James’s, Floris is proud to be the standard-bearers of perfumery expertise in London. Nine generations of perfume creation has taught Floris the emotive power of scent and the skill required to create perfumes of unmistakable quality.
Their ancestor Juan Famenias Floris travelled from Minorca to London and married his English sweetheart, Elizabeth. Together they established a working perfumery which is still in use today.

As the oldest independent perfumery in England, Floris have developed a sustainable yet innovative approach, long-lasting relationships with our customers, as well as finding ethical ways to access the world’s most precious perfume. Made in Britain, using the finest essential oils and essences gathered from around the world. Floris is proud to add new fragrance creations to the repertoire of our forefathers and be custodians for future generations.

Floris has been a proud supplier to the Royal Household since 1800, receiving their first Royal Warrant by a reigning monarch as 'smooth pointed comb maker' to HM King George IV.
The perfumer’s art can ignite the senses and vividly recall our memories, enriching the most precious experiences in our lives. Creating scents that evoke emotion, make you feel special, or mark an important moment for you is essential to the brand.

Floris’ outlines key objectives in their approach and commitment to sustainability in their products. They also strive to reduce their carbon footprint in their sourcing of materials within as advocating the importance of their environmental commitment to customers, clients, and the wider public. 

Floris of London

Our partnership with Floris reflects our commitment to eliminating wasteful minature toiletries by replacing them with luxury refillable decanters. We will aim to have completed this by mid-2020, and will continue to partner with the UK-based charity Clean Conscience to re-distribute our unused toiletries to those in need.